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Our aim is to inspire the imagination of social care organisations and help them solve their challenges using cool tech. We're great at what we do.

Let us tell you why!


What we do

We help social care organisations make the change they want and deserve. By listening to those providing care at every level of involvement, we ensure the tech we bring in suits everyone and their needs – making the adjustment as intuitive as we know it can be. 

As well as finding the perfect solutions to your problems, we know how best to implement them - directing energy to the right place and leveraging opportunities and benefits to the max. 


We will inspire your change, and ensure it occurs at the right time, in the right place, and for the right people. 


We're not going to sell you a package. We know the challenges and innovations in social care and the best technologies on the market – even the ones that haven't been invented yet!


We do more than just implement systems. Providing full project management and change management means our solutions are built to last. 

Our process is underpinned by innovation.

It's in the name – we tailor our approach at every stage to fit perfectly to how you work. Our solutions are creative, cutting edge and customised, so that the innovation they introduce is natural, logical and long-lasting. 

Guided Innovation - Sparks Graphics3.png
Guided Innovation - Sparks Graphics3.png
Guided Innovation - Sparks Graphics3.png

How we do it

Sympathetically: we know the challenges you're facing. From past attempts at systemic digitisation and automation, to the day-to-day demands of caring for others, our process puts your concerns front and centre. 

Knowledgeably: we work with the art of the possible, and aim to guide you towards new systems and approaches you may not have considered. Our technical expertise is ready and waiting to take you above and beyond your aspirations for change.

Flexibly: we know that there isn't one definition of 'best practice': what's best is whatever's best for you. That's why we will never sell you a software package, or enforce preconceived project methodologies. 

Inclusively: our approach gives everyone at every level a seat at the table – we believe this is what produces a durable and intuitive set of solutions. We also believe in fun! No to project meetings – yes to project parties!

Guided Innovation - Sparks Graphics3.png

Guided Innovation sought information, feedback and presented tasks via new and innovative techniques. 

They went beyond just supporting an implementation: they helped change the culture as well.

The atmosphere and culture of our project group felt empowered and passionate, and also fun.


Project Managers_edited.jpg

Implementing Nourish at Milestones Trust & L'Arche

We are currently working with Milestones Trust and L'Arche to implement a new care planning system - Nourish - to replace their paper care planning processes. This will provide their managers in services with a user-friendly system, remote access and greater quality and reporting of care planning and delivery.

It's a very exciting time at the moment in both of these projects as we are preparing for go live in services, we've done lots of training and data entry and we're soon to start feeling the benefits or a digital care planning system!

We'd love to hear about your latest ideas and projects, or you can ask us some questions. 

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