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We are an inclusive bunch of people who are passionate about using our range of expertise to inventively improve the lives of those who provide and receive care. 

Based across the UK, we'll talk all day about Digital Patient Records, Electronic Rostering, pot noodles, eMAR, Assistive tech, strange dreams, HR & Payroll, CRMs – the list goes on!

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Geraint Thomas
Director/ Founder

An expert that helps care companies to embrace the future of tech, and help tech suppliers to implement the best tech into the sector I love.

Q: What's a career you dreamed of as a child?

A: I wanted to be stationed on a naval submarine, keeping the whole crew alive and the submarine working.

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Blythe Senior


A specialist in Project Management and change delivery, I bring an excitement and passion to project delivery by bringing together your project team and creating a culture of natural motivation to achieve milestones.

Q: Are you religious or spiritual?

A: I believe in unicorns! 🦄

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Emily Jane
Project Manager

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I directly support our clients to deliver projects seamlessly, providing structure and guidance to support their change journey, as well as advising on the technical specifics to get it right first time.

Q: What is a re-occurring dream/nightmare you have?

A: Dinosaurs, they're terrifying! 🦖

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Ashleigh Myers
Project Manager


I enjoy working closely with our clients to support the implementation of their change using my range of project management skills. A key part of my role is to hold our clients hands on their implementation journey to ensure a smooth go live and speed up the change curve! 

Q: What's your happy place?

A: On a glacier in Iceland.

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Jen Reeves-Gray
Project Manager


I thrive on helping our clients discover their potential for change, improvement and achievement. I am driven by the desire to overcome challenges, and I enjoy the process of seeking the 'best fit' solutions for our clients to contribute to their project's success. 

Q: What's your favourite word?

A: I have two and I can't pick…Discombobulated and Onomatopoeia.

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Lizzie Wharton
Project Learning Coordinator

I am a guru of innovative systems. I am there every step of the way during your learning journey and will help develop your training programs and content. I love to see smiley faces when you have that light bulb moment!

Q: What is your spirit animal?

A: A penguin! 🐧 They're cute and have just the right amount of sass like me.

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Sadie Torres
Project Learning Coordinator

I deliver engaging training to our clients, ensuring that they receive the right level of training and walk away having learned a new system or process! Then comes the change management where we embed the training and support people in using the new system or process.

Q: What is one of your dreams?

A: Go to the Antarctic and help count penguins 🐧

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Chief Wellbeing Officer

My mum is Blythe, when she's not at work she is usually with me...

I am her Princess (yes that is a gender-neutral term).

At Guided Innovation my role is to keep everyone happy and support my co-workers whether they are dogs or cats.

Q: What's your favourite food?

A: Pickled Onion Monster Munch, or whatever mum is eating 

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We're passionate experts in tech for social care and we're here to help!

Our Purpose

We want to help social care organisations solve their problems and improve people's lives using accessible tech.

Our Difference

We listen to all, from board members to carers to make unique, intuitive solutions that get it right first time. 

Why We're Here

The health and social care sector is where our hearts belong. We use our expertise to help those who dedicate their lives to helping others. 

Our Values

We’re innovative. We’re with you on the journey. We’re a safe pair of hands. We’re helpfully opinionated.

What and How

Digital innovation and transformation. We open the imaginations of those in the sector and guide them on their journey.

Our Personality

We’re geeky, innovative, honest and we like to have fun! We are ambassadors for the social care sector.

Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin?
[Meet us] Our Toolbox
Then let us guide you...
Let's go!


We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations. Take a look through our toolbox below: services we configure and blend to solve the problems you're facing.

Don't see this as a numbered, step-by-step set of actions, but a variety of specialised skills which we will always deploy while prioritising your needs and goals. 
Strategic Planning

Our initial consultation. Together we identify where and for whom change needs to occur, the areas to prioritise, and how this can realise your broader mission. Innovation begins here as move towards inventive, thoughtful, solutions that take you beyond your wildest imaginations. 

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We'd love to hear about your latest ideas and projects, or you can ask us some questions. 

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