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Take a look at some great testimonials we've received...

"The team at Guided Innovation, in particular Emily and Ashleigh have been invaluable to the successful implementation of our rostering system into the organisation.


All aspects of the project, from planning to roll-out and support have been managed both professionally and thoughtfully, understanding the specific requirements of our user base. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team to any other organisation."

Mandip Gill, Care Concern Group

"We wouldn’t have been able to implement our new rostering system so successfully without the incredible support from Guided Innovation. Especially Blythe and Emily, who really have held our hands the whole way, but gave us the confidence to manage the system ourselves by the end. They are truly an inspiration and such a pleasure to work with, their knowledge, skills and attributes are one of a kind. Working with Guided Innovation on our project was the best decision we ever made."

Emma Smith, Quality & Compliance Manager, Peak15

"I really enjoyed working with the vibrant team at Guided innovation. I have been

involved in many projects over recent years. Guided innovation introduced

themselves thoroughly, set the scene for the project from the get go - it felt like a great start.

The project plan was detailed and informative, as it should be. Guided Innovation engaged a project team from across our organisation, including people from a variety of roles. This helped immensely with configuration of the system.

Guided Innovation introduced tools to the team to capture our thoughts and the project process. Keeping those of us in the project team engaged, structured and excited for each step and meeting in the process kept morale and communication high.


Guided Innovation sought information, feedback and presented tasks via new and innovative techniques which many of us hadn’t experienced before. Equally, there was hand holding and explanations when needed. 

Organisationally aware, Guided Innovation understood the need to capture tried and tested methods and ways of working, some of which needed to remain going forwards.


Being part of the project lead by Guided Innovation felt liberating - I was well engaged and well informed. The team was focused and driven at a good pace to meet the Go Live deadline."

- a wonderful Project Subject Matter Expert, from a leading learning disability charity where Guided Innovation implemented a digital rostering solution

"At first I was skeptical of consultants joining the organisation - my previous experience was of people who knew their stuff but were not invested in its success. From day one of working with Guided Innovation I knew they were different.

Knowledgeable yes, committed yes, but also wonderful people who bring bundles of energy with them. The atmosphere and culture of our project group felt empowered and passionate, and also fun - the specialists brought a lot of technical knowledge but also the vocabulary to delivery this to the everyman. Our project was successful and although huge efforts were made by everyone involved, we were guided every step of the way by Guided Innovation."

"Guided Innovation did a grand job for the organisation. They went beyond just supporting an implementation: they helped change the culture as well, especially from where I was sitting (which if you recall was in the skeptic's chair).


Nothing will ever change my view on that so I am happy to repeat whenever needed.... I am also very comfortable to feedback when a service is crap, so don't think I promote Guided Innovation to curry favour.... 'I just says what I see''.... Bit of Somerset there for you!"

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