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Bringing young people into care from a digital aspect

The care sector is full of different job opportunities that young people are not aware of, this leads young people to typically go into other industries like retail, food service and administrative roles and never get to experience the full potential the care sector has to offer.  

The care sector is aware that we have an average workforce age of 45 and recruiting young people into the field of care has proven to be a challenge, and a major obstacle because of the embedded misconceptions about the Care sector and the allure of other industry’s often overshadow the importance and impact you could have in care.  

So how can we change this to attract young people? How can we let them know how many job opportunities there are?  

Technology is the answer! By using technology to tell stories, we can change the myths and highlight the variety of fulfilling jobs that are available in the care industry. Share stories of why you are a Care Coordinator, a front of house, a payroll administrator, a HR officer, a home manager, a care worker why do you get up everyday with a smile on your face eager to help others?  

Because this sector hasn’t been explored by young people nor has this sector been targeted for the younger generation it leaves them unaware of the impact they can make and the jobs they can do.  

I myself had no idea of the different job opportunities the sector had and one being the fast-paced world of technology. The care sector is slowly moving into this world. From artificial intelligence to wearable devices. This could be the way we attract the younger generation and their talent to work in the world of technology for social care. By tapping into the digital and creative energy the younger generation burst with. This could be the new generation of innovators who are passionate about technology who can help make a difference and enhance the quality of care and wellbeing for others.   

We must use the energy and potential of young people to propel significant change as the social care sector are getting ready for a technology revolution. We can develop a new generation of innovators who are dedicated to using technology to enhance the lives of people and communities throughout. We can start doing this by giving the younger generation a chance and start to advertise all these amazing job opportunities, sharing these incredible stories, sharing the felling of how people pour the heart into this sector! This is what will grab the attention of the younger generation, and let's not be scared of the change and instead embrace youth's potential to influence care technology and build a fairer, tech-savvy, and compassionate care system that benefits everyone!  

Sadie Torres, Project Learning Coordinator


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