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Digitalising social care, it is a good thing!

Good care plans underpin safe, compassionate, effective, high-quality, person-centred care. They communicate the correct information to the right people when needed and are essential for achieving good outcomes for those you care for.

Digitalising systems can mean good results for residents, service users, care providers, and the broader health and social care system. They can:

  • ·Provide real-time information about the care and support people need and receive.

  • ·Enable staff to spend more time caring and less time reporting.

  • Help care staff to be more aware of when people's needs change and respond to them more quickly.

  • Help information to be rapidly shared to support health and care services.

  • Help to minimise risks such as medication errors.

  • Assist in managing and supporting staff to do their job effectively and efficiently.

  • Easier to store, requiring less physical space.

The benefits of change management, new software, and technologies will become apparent when implemented correctly and when staff are involved and encouraged to embrace new ways.

Deciding what you need for your organisation is simple but time-consuming. 

This is where Guided Innovation comes in; we have already worked with care providers, talked and listened to stakeholders and worked with staff and residents/service users to report where to go next.

We have brought suppliers together, delivered demos of relevant technology, and, in many cases, delivered and implemented new systems, working with key stakeholders to ensure systems work just as you need.

Due diligence is an intrinsic part of the way we work.

We aim to future-proof your service via good technology that is user-friendly.

Read more: Technology-Enabled Lives: People and Providers – Challenge paper.


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