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The care tech future is here!

What if you were told that social care's digital transformation would dramatically improve care quality and safety: helping residents and service users to live happy, fulfilled lives in their homes and communities? Yet despite this, there remains a significant disparity in the use of technology in the social care sector. 

Many care providers still need better broadband connectivity, and staff often need to be equipped with the right skills to use digital tools effectively.

If we are to unleash the potential of digital technology and enable closer integration and collaboration between health and care, we must get the basics right.

It's time to embrace the changes that will enable your staff to deliver the best person-centred care whilst still providing the reports that make your care 'Good' and exceed the expectations of the people you care for and the authorities that inspect your services.

Geraint Thomas of Guided Innovation was excited to be involved in a recent report launched by Sona. The report describes what care providers are looking for in care tech, their views on how various technologies will be implemented, and the benefits and availability of government support.

Convincing your staff to learn new processes can be a challenging process. However, digitalising your procedures can be simple. 

Geraint Thomas commented, “Guided Innovation work with care tech companies to get the best buy-in for your care business. We look at your current processes and your organisation's needs, eventually bringing together software companies that can supply the correct care tech for your organisation.”

Remember, care technology can future-proof your organisation.  Book a call here:


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